Fishing Rights – Scotland

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Fishing Rights – Purchase & Ownership.

In Scotland Fishing Rights are Property. Sale of such is akin to that of selling/buying a house or land. There is therefore a set legal process for the transaction of such.

Fishing can be owned as either a Timeshare, or on a Pro-indiviso basis.

Timeshare means that you just buy the Fishing Rights

Pro-indiviso means that you buy the Fishing Rights AND have a share in the entire fishery, rather like a Shareholder.

In perpetuity, which is generally a term and position that applies to both, mean that you own it for life, and beyond, and it becomes part of your Estate, which can be passed on after death.

Companies / business can buy Fishing Rights, and in this instance, they become a company asset.

Management Charges:

These are applied each year to all rod Ownerships, generally for a proportionate contribution to the upkeep of any fishery on which Rights are owned (with others), but can also include a profit/charge element to any Management Company in regard to Timeshares.